Why School Sucks Review

This article, "Why School Sucks" Explained about Isabella Bruyere's thought. Now I want to review this article. So stay tune.

My first reaction after reading this Isabella's article is impressed and I'm agree with her opinion.
I'm impressed because this article is absolutely true. I think many schools have bad methods. Most school just teaching us what inside the thick books. But far more than that, the mentality that school's built to students is how to get the "A's" mark with any possible ways. So, I also hate that methods. The worst things is, teacher just focusing on giving information to students, without paying attention whether students understand or not.

So I think Isabella is a quiet and idealistic person, and she also want to learn more and more, to be a best person. Why I can told you that? Because from her article, she shows her personality clearly. As you can see here, Why School Sucks Article.


I have a strong interest in computer programming, especially to apps programming or developing games. So my plan for my better future is learning more about programming language and try to create interesting things from programming. I like to make an edu game and a productivity apps.


  1. wow it's cool Tyo, what kind of game did you want to make? And where did you learn about programming?

  2. I learn programming in ProcodeCG


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