The Story from My English Book

The Mysterious Island

Made by : Tyogo

I'm reading the book from my class' ''mini library". The tittle is "The Mysterious Island", "The Secrets of Droon". This book is a series.
The story is telling about three friends, their names are Eric, Julie, and Neal. They have a mysterious place to another world called Droon. Droon is a place where a good wizard called Galen Longbeard and a young princess named Keeah battled with an evil sorcerer named Lord Sparre.
One  day, Eric and Julie, were in Eric's Basement. Outside the house, there was going to be a storm. In the basement Julie saw the soccer ball was floating to the air. And then they hurry called Neil, their friend to came to Eric's house. As soon as Neil came to the house they went to the basement right away. They saw the soccer ball change its surface and the black pattern of the ball became the shapes of countries. And the ball it self became a globe of another world, which is the world of Droon. It was a sign for them to go to Droon. Eric said, that was a sign from Keeah.  Neal though, that something bad was happened to Keeah or Galen. And they are going to save Keah or Galen.


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