Formula One Articles Review

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Hello, my name is Tyogo and today I want to make reviews about F1 articles.

Hasil gambar untuk chequered flag f1Now I want to review my 1st article of Formula One.

I think this article explain about the functions of many flags in Formula 1. So, this article explain about ten flags that is use during F1 race. First is the chequered flag, the meaning of this flag is the race, practice, or qualifying session is over. The second flag is the yellow flag, the meaning of  this flag is indicate a danger situation ahead, and the driver must be slow down, and if two yellow flags is flown, the drivers must be get ready to stop. The third flag is green flag, the meaning of  this flag is the danger is over, and the driver will get back to racing speed. The fourth flag is the red flag, the meaning of  this flag is the race are stopped. The fifth flag is blue flag, the meaning of  this flag is the drivers that is over lapped, should give the way to the other drivers, who want to over lap him. And to get the complete article, you can open the link ahead.
I think this article is complete, but sometimes the sentence is out of topic

And the second article of Formula One is about many awesome facts in Formula 1.
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The second article is explain about facts that F1 is an awesome sport in the world. One of the facts is the F1 gearbox is change every race around 2.800 until 4.000 times. The price of F1 wheel is 656.1 million rupiah. Gearbox made during 40 hours. Every race drivers lost around 4 Kg per race.
This article is looks like good and give many information about Formula One


  1. I love the second article too, Tyo! Haha. Many points there made me go 'wow'. The weight loss thing (4 kg/race) sounds really good for those who are in diets. ;)
    Don't forget to make the table of contents for your paper later, so you won't lose your focus in doing this final project. Thanks!

  2. Ah, almost forget. This is Kak Bunny. :)


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