EPIC JAVA is a magnificent documentary video, because this video telling a lot, how reaches of Java, like a cave, a culture, a nature, etc. I feel this video is greatest in to the half of this video. I so shock while I know this video created in one year, because it's a long time to create this short movie. But after watch this video my perception is, Java have many great culture, great city, and the important things about java is, java have many natural reaches and great temple. But many thing about java are forgeted. My opinion, this video’s mean don’t expose java’s reaches, but save java's reaches. This video is teach us so many java reaches. I feel surprise, and then I startled and shocked because this video and start amazed with this video, and I excited to learn more about java. I think I have three most magnificent scene in this video, those are, cave segment, because so many cave in java, and all of that cave is wonderful place in java, and then the culture, because in java so many and so different culture, and all of the culture is so unique, and the last one is a temple, because temple is save many history from different time, and I want to go to the temple, because I never go to the temple. And the last I want to explore many things about history and temple

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