My Hiking Story

My Hiking Story

Hello everybody, my name is Tyogo and now I want to telling my experience about hiking in foot of a Wayang mountain until Cisanti Lake. 

First, I want to talk why I going to hiking in this place. I going hiking with my fourteen friend, my three teacher, Institute Gunung Wayang members, and Kang Uus. I going hiking after my three days lived in. My live in is in the Babakan Ranca Village, and we stayed in the house of villager. In there, we also have many practice. We also must be have a good socializing and we learn to be a independently people and good people. So I very excited with all of this activity, because it is my long journey. And I will happy for my first long hiking trip.

So, straight to my hiking story, We depart our hiking in a morning and begins with pray by our each religion, And we are ready to go. We are going trough the Kertasarie, and turn left to the tea farm, and we are take a rest in the hut in center of the tea farm. Soon after that we are going to continue our hiking, until Cisanti lake. We also trough the rise and the left or right turn, before we arrive in the top of the tea farm. When we got in the top of the tea farm, we are going to take a rest. 

After that, we are going to go to the Cisanti Lake. After we arrive in the Cisanti Lake, we are going to eat a noodles in the side of the Cisanti Lake. We also take a swim in this lake. After that we are going to back to our city, Bandung in West Java with public transportation that we rent from begin.


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