TED ED Video Review

Hello... Now I want to review the TED ED videos, that is five tips to improve your critical thinking.

I pick this video to my blog because, critical thnking is important to do something, and easy to understandable. I very like tips part of the video, because in this side, the tips is very clear.

Alright, this video told to improve your thinking to be a critical, so we must not only quick think. So this video have five tips to do this.

Tips number one :  Formulate your questions
So we must ask yourself, Is that useful, Is that better than other, etc.

Tips number two : gather your information
So we must ask to the profesinal people in your problem.

Tips number three : apply the information
So we must search or think the information about your problem, like the concepts, assumptions, interpretation, logically sound, etc.

Tips number four : consider the implication
So we must consider the implication of your problem, for example choosing the president, etc.

Tips number five : explore the other point of view
So we must thing from other directions to, like thing the result of  your choice, or other.

I confused with the 5 difficult words, that is :
manipulations:manipulasi(upaya mempengaruhi orang)


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