Ahok Article Review

Hello guys, my name is Tyogo, and now I want to review the article from thejakartapost.com. And today I want to review the Ahok article.

This article is talk about Ahok (Basuki Tjahaja Purnama), who report  Novel Bamukmin and Muchsin Alatas to Jakarta Police. Novel is a FPI's (Front Pembela Islam) press secretary. Ahok report them to Police with supposition they said perjury in the Ahok's trial session. Ahok also report Irene Handono to Jakarta Police with supposition, she sad a slanderous statement before Ahok's trial session. Ahok's lawyer Rolas, hoped police follow up as soon as possible Ahok's complaint. I chose this article, because in Indonesia, Ahok's trial is a hot problem. The main ideas of this article is Ahok, a non-active Jakarta governor, he report FPI's member to police because their gave wrong testimony, in Ahok's trial. I found some difficult word on the article, like :
  Perjury = if someone give a false testimony under the trial session
  Blasphemy =  like insulting God


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